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Buying a Home Direct from Developer

Advantages to Having Realtor Representation for New Home Construction

On-site Sales Rep – Works for the Builder:

When visiting new construction projects, it is important for you to know that the job of the on-site sales representative is to sell you a home in their development. Since the sales rep is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly you may feel trhey are looking out for your best interests. However, the sales rep is employed for the builder. Their job is to sell you a home at the price and terms set by their employer.

The Realtor:

As your Realtor, we must abide by a strict Code of Ethics and look out for your best interests. We can represent you in either New Construction or Re-sale homes, by comparison shopping you will be better poised to make the right decision. Our goal is to make your move as stress free as possible, while providing the information you need along the way to make your transition a success. After the close of escrow we can provide valuable resources such as landscape, pool contractors, painters, handyman services, etc… A good relationship with your Realtor does not end at the close of escrow, rather it can be the beginning of a relationship that can last a lifetime.

Advantages of Having your Own Representation:

Free to the Buyer- Having a Realtor assist in your new home purcahse is free of charge to the buyer. Referral fees paid to Realtors are a “cost of doing business” to the developer. They want their consumers to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have their own representation.

Experienced Representation- A Realtor experienced in New Home transactions can assist with negotiations on your behalf. The builder’s rep may tell you, “this is the final price”, but remember their allegiance is primarily with their employer. A skilled Realtor will put their negotating skills to work for you and push for a lower price and/or more upgrades.